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Cute Halloween looks – Superdrug
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Cute Halloween looks

Model with deer-inspired Halloween makeup

If the terrifying, heart-stopping, blood-oozing makeup looks aren’t for you then we’ve got the cute Halloween looks to give you all the ‘aw’ not ‘ah’ feels. Reach pur-fection with our classic cat with tones of sass or if you want to flex your artistic skills we’ve got the i-deer for you…  

Cute Halloween look: Cat

Shrouded in mystery and spiritualism, cats are a popular Halloween costume idea for good reason. Get your claws into our make-up tutorial to embrace your wild side.

What will I need to create this cat makeup look?

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Step 1: Start with a blank slate

Start with a clean and clear base. Cleanse and moisturise your skin and apply lip balm to your pout.

Model applying lip balm

Step 2: Create a classic cat eye

Take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and nude eyeshadow and apply across the eyelids – this will act as your base. Next, use a dark brown/bronze eyeshadow and sweep across the eyelid crease and to the outer corners. Build up the colour bit-by-bit and blend as you go for a gradient effect.

Draw along the upper lash line with black eyeliner and create a cat eye flick. This will add that much-needed feline touch. Use eyelash curlers to pump up lashes and apply mascara for extra lash-lengthening definition. 

Model applying cat eye makeup

Step 3: Contour like a queen

Apply an even layer of foundation all over the face and blend using a brush, sponge or your fingertips. Next, we’re going to contour by using a double-ended contour stick (for added ease!).

Use the darker shade for the shadows and the lighter shade as the highlighter. Once you’ve drawn on your contour lines, blend using a brush/sponge. Finish with a dusting of bronzer to the cheeks.

Model contouring

Step 4: Define the brows

Keep unruly brow hairs at bay by using a brow spoolie and brow wax/pomade. Brush through in the direction of growth so all your hairs are groomed to perfection. Add a touch of highlighter under the brows and above the brows for added definition.

Model grooming brows

Step 5: Add the whiskers

Now for the fun part. Coat a thin brush or angled brow brush in a black gel eyeliner (for extra precision) and create whiskers and a cat nose. We recommend using shorter strokes as there’s less risk of getting the lines wrong.

Model drawing whiskers with eyeliner to create a cute cat Halloween makeup look

Step 6: Pur-fect the pout

Using the same black eyeliner, line your top lip and fill it in so that your entire top lip is coated in black. Next, take a golden gloss and apply to the bottom lip to create an eye-catching contrast. Now, get your claws out and strike a pose – meow!

Model drawing with black eyeliner to create a cat Halloween look

Cute Halloween look: Deer

Want to be leaps and bounds ahead of all the typical animal-inspired outfits? This Bambi-inspired makeup look can transform an otherwise normal look into an adorable one – perfect for a last-minute idea!

What will I need to create this deer makeup look?

  • Nude/brown eyeshadow palette
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Black gel eyeliner
  • Angled eyeliner brush
  • White eyeliner/face paint
  • Foundation/powder lighter than your skin tone
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Step 1: Go nude on the eyes

Sweep a nude eyeshadow over your eyelids to create a neutral base. Take this colour up to under your eyebrow arch too. Next, coat your eyeshadow brush with a darker brown eyeshadow and apply over the eyelid crease and blend for a gradient finish.

Model applying nude eyeshadow

Step 2: Add drama with your eyeliner

Draw along the upper lash line with black gel eyeliner and continue the line to create a dramatic flick. You don’t have to be too neat with this as next you’ll be going above the line with white eyeliner/face paint. Draw a line first, just above your black eyeliner line, as this will create a border to work within. Continue colouring in your eyelid with the white but stop when you reach the eyelid crease as we want your brown eyeshadow to shine through.

Apply the white eyeliner to the inner corners too and make it into a fierce point and extend it halfway under the lower lash line. For the other half switch back to the black eyeliner to meet with your point you made along the upper lash line. Apply mascara to pull it all together.

Model applying white eyeliner

Step 3: Powder your face & contour

Take a powder or foundation that’s a few shades lighter than your skin tone and apply it all over your face. Use a blending sponge for precise, even application.

Take a dark crown contour stick and draw along the sides of your nose, as this will help you add that animalistic charm. Colour in the end of your nose too.  

Define your contours as you normally would, either with cream contour or powder, but go darker than usual for a more defined finish.

Model applying powder foundation

Step 4: The finishing touches

Coat a thin brush in black gel eyeliner (or face paint) and fill in your top lip and draw a line to create your deer-inspired mouth. Next, cover any exposed areas in shimmering body oil or glitter to really wow.

Add some false lashes into the mix if you want the extra wow-factor and finish off with some white freckles all over.

Model applying white freckles with eyeliner
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