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How to: Colour Hair with Coloured Hairspray – Superdrug
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How to: Colour Hair with Coloured Hairspray

Brown too boring? Do blondes not have as much fun as you think? If you love hair colour that’s as bright as the rainbow, then surely normal shades simply won’t do. Well, we’ve got the ultimate solution in the form of coloured hairspray. Perfect for trialling a hue before you fully commit or creating vivid one-night only styles, here’s how to get the most from this spray. Cue a unicorn-inspired, ombré look...

What do I need to create an ombré look with coloured hairspray?

  • Dry shampoo
  • Old T-shirt (in case of any dye stains)
  • Detangler hairbrush
  • 4 x coloured hairsprays (we use pink, purple, blue and pink)
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Step 1 – Apply dry shampoo

coloured hairspray step 1

Spritz dry shampoo all over hair – this will help your colour hold for longer.

Step 2 – Brush through hair

coloured hairspray step 2

To make sure the dry shampoo is applied evenly, brush through hair with a detangler.

Step 3 – Spray along the parting with your first coloured hairspray

coloured hairspray step 3

As we’re going to spray the roots first, use a tissue to cover your forehead. This will stop any colour from ruining your makeup or from running over the natural hairline.

Take your first coloured spray and apply to one side along the centre parting, building on the vibrancy with every spray. Once you’re happy with the colour, move on to the other side until they are both even. Brush through the colour before moving on to the next spray.

Step 4 – Continue with stripes of alternating coloured hairspray  

coloured hairspray step 4

Taking your next coloured hairspray, apply a block stripe underneath the first. Make sure the colour overlaps with the previous colour so it looks as though colours are fading from one to the next. Then move on to the third, and finally the fourth colour.

Select colours that contrast for a bolder finish and always brush through each section to ensure they blend seamlessly.

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