Colour Block Eyeshadow feature

The colour blocking fashion trend has really taken off over the last decade. So obvs the makeup world quickly interpreted the stylish craze. We’ve seen everything from mis-matching eyeshadows to lower lash lines painted the colours of the rainbow. Taking inspo from our favourite MUA’s and vloggers, we’ve taken the trend into wearable territory…

What Will I Need to Create this Colour Block Look?

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Step 1 – Prep with primer

Colour block step 1

As this bold look is party-perfect, we want it to last all night long. The first step is to prep with eye primer for longer-lasting hold.

Step 2 – Apply a pink base

Colour block step 2

Take a pretty, pink eyeshadow and blend across your eyelids. Go above the cut crease towards the brow arches and build up the colour until it’s an intense shade.

Step 3 & 4 – Go bold or go home

Colour block eye makeup step 3 4

Choose a pink that’s a couple of tones deeper and apply to the outer corners of the eyes. Switch to a purple and sweep across the cut crease and outer corners. Blend until the bold colours are layered smoothly.

Step 5 – Add pops of silver

Colour block eye makeup step 5

To create a wide-eyed look apply a glittery silver eyeshadow to the inner corners of the eyes and under the brow arches. Sweep the metallic colour over the eyelid too, to add a little bit of sparkle.

Step 6 & 7 – Add definition

Colour block eye makeup step 6

With your colour block look in place, now it’s time for those defining touches. Apply liquid eyeliner (using small strokes is the easiest way to guarantee a straight line) and coats of mascara.

Step 8 – Finish with falsies

Colour block eye makeup step 8

For that wow-factor finish, add false lashes. Before positioning into place, cut down to shape and add glue along the faux lash line. Then secure them by pressing gently with your fingertips or tweezers.