Christmas Party Hair 9 - Set With Hairspray (Featured Image)
Christmas Party Hair 9 - Set With Hairspray (Featured Image)

The party season is now in full swing and no doubt your social calendar is booked out, but with all these events to go to how are you going to wear your hair? You don’t want to be spotted with the same look more than you have to. Well don’t worry as we’ve got you covered.

In nine easy steps we’ll show how to get your hair perfectly preened and party ready.

What Products Will I Need:

  • Hair clips
  • Hair grips
  • Curling Tongs
  • Hair Comb or Brush
  • Hair Band

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Step 1: Centre Parting

Christmas Party Hair 1 - Centre Parting

Start by creating a centre parting.

Step 2: Section and Clip

Christmas Party Hair 2 - Section and Clip

Section the hair across the middle from ear to ear, then take the back section and clip the hair in place with a hair clip.

Step 3: Curl the Bottom

Christmas Party Hair 3 - Curl the Bottom

Using a curling tong, start from the front and gently curl your hair. Wrap the hair around the curling tong and work your away around your head until all your hair has been curled.

Step 4: Backcomb

Christmas Party Hair 4 - Backcomb

To add more volume to your hair backcomb the top section.

Step 5: Tie With a Hair Band

Christmas Party Hair 5 - Tie With a Hair Band

Tie the top section of hair with a hair band and gently tease out any tight curls, you want them to be loose and bouncy.

Step 6: Side Parting

Christmas Party Hair 6 - Add a Side Parting

Add a side parting to your hair and comb to the side, use the comb to help neaten the side parting and catch any stray hairs.

Step 7: Clip the Side Parting

Christmas Party Hair 7 - Clip the Side Parting

Clip the side parting with a hair grip to secure it in place.

Step 8: Accessorise

Christmas Party Hair 8 - Accessorise

To add extra glam to the look, add a hair accessory.

Step 9: Finished – (Optional - Set With Hairspray)

Christmas Party Hair 9 - Set With Hairspray (Behind)
Christmas Party Hair 9 - Set With Hairspray (Featured Image)

Lastly, to make sure that your hair lasts all night set it with hairspray.