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Superdrug X Revolution: CarmiMua’s Pride makeup look – Superdrug
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Superdrug X Revolution: CarmiMua’s Pride makeup look

CarmiMua showing off Pride makeup look with collage of three products

We’re kicking off International Pride Month in style with a tutorial that’ll leave you looking glam enough for any Pride parade. We’ve teamed up with Revolution Beauty to bring you a glam look that’ll have everyone swooning… and when we say glam, we mean GLAM – glitter, cut crease… the lot! The king himself, CarmiMua, came along to give us a hand and showcase his new collaboration palette, Revolution X Carmi Palette in Kiss of Fire. If you wanna look bomb for your Pride celebrations, keep reading…

Lay your foundation

Start by nailing your base. We’ve used Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick because it’s super-easy to apply, gives you amazing coverage and stays all day. Keep it in place with Revolution Luxury Banana Powder.

Revolution Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick - F8 £4.79 Buy Now
Revolution Revolution Loose Banana Baking Setting Powder £4.79 Buy Now

Deepen the crease

Now it’s time for the gorgeous Revolution X Carmi Kiss of Fire palette. To deepen the crease, you need to layer three fiery shadows in the outer third of your eye, focusing the pigment on the outer corner. Using a fluffy blending brush, take the shade Yellow Heart and apply it to the crease, working in small circular motions to buff out any harsh lines. Repeat the process using the same brush with the shades Bibi and Kiss of Fire (in that order). Layer the shadows to create a luscious sunset-inspired look.

Cut it

No glam look is complete without a cut crease, so we need to get summa that goin’ on. With a small detail brush, apply Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer on the inner half of your eyelid, following your natural crease to create a sharp, defined line. There are two keys to getting this right – tapping the product on and taking your time.

Revolution Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer C9 £3.99 Buy Now

Now cover it

Cover this area with shadow to set the concealer. Take the light and shimmery Valeria from the Kiss of Fire palette on a large flat brush and pack the pigment onto the concealer. Blend this into the darker shadow to create a seamless finish and brighten up the look. If you want one more pop, highlight the inner corners with the shade My Fair Lady.

Smoke it out

Use the shade #yourewelcome on a clean small detail brush to smoke out your lower lash line.

Line and shine

Time for a touch of liner – OK maybe more than a touch. You want to go bold with this step and create a large, glam, winged-liner look. The only product for the job is Revolution Renaissance Flick Eyeliner. To bump up the glam, add a touch of glitter on top of the liner… Pride is a party, after all! Finish off with falsies and a lick of mascara.

Revolution Revolution Renaissance Flick Liquid Eyeliner Pen £4.00 Buy Now

How glow can you go?

The best thing about the Kiss of Fire palette? It comes with two gorgeous highlighter shades. Swirl a brush through both of them and dust over your cheekbones and Cupid’s bow.

Perfect pout

You want the focus in this look to be on your peepers, so finish off the look with a neutral pout. Line and fill in your lips with Revolution Renaissance Lip Liner in Vow, then apply Revolution Pro Supreme Lipstick in Tyrant.

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