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How To: Upside Down Braid – Superdrug
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How To: Upside Down Braid


You may be used to the classic French braid or sophisticated bun looks, but have you ever merged the two? The upside down braid bun is stunning, straightforward and the perfect way to dress up any outfit. Spare yourself 5 minutes to recreate this look with our simple how-to steps.

What Will I Need?

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You’ll get the best results from this look with hair that is 1-2 days old – newly washed hair will more likely cause the braids to slip out.

Step 1

Step 1 – Section Your hair

First, brush through your hair and divide into two. For a thicker braid, leave plenty of hair loose at the bottom.

Clip the top half of your hair onto your crown so it is out of the way. The bottom section of your hair will be the main focus for the first few steps.

upside down braid

Step 2 – Flip Your Hair

Flip your head upside down so the loose hair is now over your head.  Brush to untangle any knots. This will make it easier to plait the braid.

upside down braid

Step 3 – Begin Braiding

Starting from the hair directly above your neck, being braiding.

As you would with a French plait, add sections of hair to your braid as you move along, ensuring the braid stays compact and tight.

Once you have reached near the ends of your hair, flip your head back up.

upside down braid

Step 4 – Join the sections

Holding the end of your braid in one hand, now release the top half of your hair from the clip.

Twist the two sections of hair together so that a pony-tail style hairdo is formed.

upside down braid

Step 5 – Create the Bun

With your newly formed pony tail, twist and secure into a bun on the crown of your head.

Don’t worry if it looks messy, this adds to the look.

TIP: You can add extra volume to your bun by backcombing the pony-tail hair before twisting and wrapping into place.

upside down braid

Step 6 – Secure the Bun

Ensure your bun is secured in place with clips. For thicker hair, more clips will be needed.

upside down braid

Step 7 – Hairspray hold

Hold in place with hairspray to guarantee the upside down braid bun will last you all day.

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