Carmi MUA from @carmimua showing off a halloween makeup look with the Revolution Beautiful Darkness Palette

On the hunt for a Halloween look that isn’t too out there? We may have just what you’re after. Not everyone’s willing to go all out on fright night, and some of us wanna stay glam no matter what the occasion is. That’s why we asked Carmi from @carmimua to show us how to achieve this gorgeous look inspired by the Revolution Beautiful Darkness Eyeshadow Palette – think smoky eye with a spooky twist…

Transition tones

We’re starting with the base and brows already done, so it’s straight to the eyes. First, apply the shade Nightmare from the Revolution Beautiful Darkness Eyeshadow Palette to your crease for a zombie-like transition shade. Then deepen your outer corners with the shade Possessed.

Blacker than black

This look is all about intensity, and we want there to be some major pigment at the lash line, then a fade-out to those ghoulish transition tones. To get that pow from the pigment, we’re going in with the black from the Revolution Pro SFX Face Paint Palette. Use a damp brush to pick up the colour and stamp it on your lid, focusing the shade near your lashes. Once you’re happy, set this with the shade Tainted from Beautiful Darkness.

Blend like a boss

Time to release your inner makeup artist and blend the black into the yellow-y transition tones. Go in with a fluffy brush from the Revolution Ultra Metals GoContour Eyeshadow Brush Set and use windscreen-wiper motions to blend the shades together. If it looks a little patchy, use more of Nightmare and Possessed to smooth out the finish.

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Smoke it out

Now you need to balance everything out with a smoky lower lash line. Use the brush with short, dense bristles from the same brush set to apply Tainted along your lower lash line. Tie it all together by smoking out the intense black with the shade Nightmare on a fluffy brush.

Halloween highlights

Just because we’re going for the fear factor doesn’t mean we can’t get our highlighter on fleek. Apply Revolution Haunted Lights Highlighter to your inner corners for a gorgeous yet ghoulish glow. For your cheekbones, use Revolution Haunted Liquid Highlighter Drops in Lover’s Wrath, then set with the same powder highlight you used on your inner corners.

Now for lippy

With such intense eyes, we’re going for a nude lip. Apply Revolution Haunted Lipstick in Sinister Seduction for the perfect pout. Finish with lashes and liner – and you’re done!