man lying on a beach in warm weather

If you live in the UK, you’ll be used to spending, oh, about 10 months of the year in your puffer jacket with your brolly a permanent fixture in your backpack. But with summer about to rear its heatwave head, your three pairs of holiday shorts are about to be called up for action. If you’re anything like us, though, your bod’s probably resembling a sun-starved cactus – all pasty flesh and not-so-smooth skin. So what’s a guy to do to ensure he’s not caught short during sun’s-out-guns-out season? Sort it, that’s what. Here’s how…

man lying on a beach in warm weather

Scrub up

When your skin hasn’t seen the light of day for most of the year, it’s going to need as much attention as you give your pint in the pub. Start by scrubbing up in the shower. This doesn’t have to be elaborate – you just need to add an extra step to your not-quite-a-regime regime. Simply add a scoop of exfoliator to your body wash and massage it all over, paying special attention to your knees, feet and other scaly spots. Try drizzling Palmer's Cocoa Butter Cocoa Body Scrub into Nivea For Men Silver Protect Shower Gel.

Make time to trim

While you might be able to get away with your best Chewbacca impression from October to April, come May, you’ve gotta do some manscaping before that T-shirt comes off. For a neat finish, comb your hair in the direction of growth and then get to trimming with a hair-snipping tool, such as the BaByliss For Men Acublade Lithium Multi Trimmer. Finish with a lick of B. Men Daily Moisture Cream to soothe any redness. 

Max out on moisture

The speediest route to summer skin? Clue: it starts with ‘hyd’ and ends in ‘rate’. That’s right, moisturiser ain’t just for the ladies – us men need it, too. But we get that it can seem like a whole lot of faff, with all that massaging and smoothing in. So, instead, go for a spray-on solution like Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair, which you can apply straight to shower-fresh skin. Be sure to do it every time you wash, though.   

A man with a tan

Skin that hasn’t seen any sun rays for a while is probably in need of a lick of colour. For a no-fuss, man-friendly way to get golden, try a gradual tanner like Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Foam For Men. Massage into clean, dry skin and wash your hands after use. You don’t want Tango’d mitts to give away your glow game.  

And there you have it. Four guy-friendly tips to get you well and truly ready for burger-and-beer season. See you in the park.