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A guy’s guide: how to MANicure – Superdrug
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A guy’s guide: how to MANicure

Trio of pictures showing a man manicuring his nails

After a quick straw poll at Superdrug HQ, it’s official – there’s nothing more off-putting than a man with manky hands (yes, lads, the ladies DO notice them). And, no, this is not fake news. From nails that are too long to rough skin and crusty cuticles, there are loads of man-hand no-nos. But the GOOD bit? It’s easy to sort. Here’s our quick MANicure guide for guys. Do the gals a favour and pass it on to your mates when you’re done.

Get clipping

If you’ve noticed that you’re getting some serious side eyes when you pick up your pint in the pub, it might be time to sort out your nails. Let’s not lie – talons that are too long don’t look great on a guy, so leave those to the girls. But don’t go crazy and trim too much with your nail clipper. Position it so that just a little of the nail is visible and cut straight across, leaving the edges.

Tip-top shape

Raggedy, rough edges should be left to distressed denim so, next up, shape and smooth. Using a nail file, round and soften the corners of each nail. Work repeatedly in the same direction to avoid snagging. And go easy – you don’t want to take so much off that your nails look stubby. Groomed is what we’re going for here.

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Smooth operator

It’s not just your nails that need a little attention – those cuticles (the skin at the base of your nail) need a little loving, too. Smooth on a spot of cuticle cream, work into the cuticles and massage in for a minute – for hands your date will defs want to hold.

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Soft touch

From lifting weights to washing up, life throws some serious shade your hands’ way. But no one likes crusty, cracked skin and chances are you could also benefit from a lick of hand cream. Apply a 10p-sized blob and slowly massage into the fronts and backs.

That wasn’t so bad now, was it? Stick to these steps twice a week and your girlfriend’s gonna thank you

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