trio of images showing Eyal Booker applying sun cream

Summer’s on the horizon, which means one thing for most of us… trading the unpredictable British weather for round-the-clock sun soaking. Whether you’ve got a romantic getaway planned with your partner or you’re gearing up for the ultimate lads-on-tour holiday, a sunburn isn’t top of anyone’s must-see list. So, if you don’t want to end up like Will in The Inbetweeners Movie (you know what I’m talkin’ about), keep reading to learn how to apply sun cream so you’re protected (without looking like you used to when your mum legit smothered you in the stuff).


It pays to remember that your face is a lot more sensitive than any other part of your body. That means it’ll burn more easily, and you need to take extra care when protecting it from harmful UVA and UVB rays – that means a sky-high SPF, people…

Apply Solait Anti-Ageing Face Fluid SPF 50+ all over your face and neck. A teaspoon-sized amount should do the trick. Massage it in thoroughly and make sure you spread it evenly all over. Add a bit extra to your nose – as it’s a higher point on your face, it burns more quickly and easily – and don’t forget the back of your neck.

You don’t know pain until you’ve had sunburnt ears. Stay peel-free by applying a pea-sized blob of sun cream all over your them – front, back, tops, inside, the lot!


Now for your bod. Use as much as you need to coat your body thoroughly in SPF. Start by applying Solait Sun Cream SPF30 to your arms, then to the top of your chest and down to your stomach. Swim trunks can slip, so go a little below the waistband to be on the safe side. Continue applying the product to your legs and feet, rubbing it in thoroughly, until everywhere is covered.

If you’re planning to be in the sun for more than 30 minutes, experts recommend applying a second coat of the sun stuff. Chill out in the shade for five minutes while the first coat soaks in, then repeat the process for max protection.

When do I reapply SPF?

So you’re all protected and ready to face the sun, but when should you reapply?

  1. After you go swimming. Sun creams aren’t waterproof, they’re water-resistant and only for 40 to 80 minutes. If you’ve been in the sea, get the good stuff back on your bod asap.
  2. If you’re sweating, best believe that SPF ain’t gonna stick around for long, so reapply regularly and particular after exercise.
  3. No matter what you’re doing, you should reapply sunscreen after two hours of wear, so watch the clock and when the time ticks around, reapply.