We’ve all been there… you’ve woken up from a rather wild night before with a face fulla makeup and one of your falsies stuck to your cheek. But before you immediately chuck them away, take a leaf out of New Zealand-based vlogger Shannon Harris’s book and use them at Halloween. How, we hear you ask. Well, Shannon has been transforming her falsies into tiny SPIDERS, which she’s been using to bring her Halloween makeup to life.

The look is super-easy to recreate, and all you need is false eyelashes, glue and liquid liner.

‘I cut up individual cluster eyelashes and glue them to my face, following with black eyeliner dots for the body,’ she told Seventeen.com.

And where did she get her inspo from?

‘I was thinking about how we always mistake lashes for bugs. I had just found the end of an eyelash on my pillow, which I thought was a crushed spider, and it occurred to me that it would be a great DIY for Halloween,’ she explained.

So come Sunday, when you’ve woken up with your falsies still clinging on for dear life and with Halloween only a couple of days away, you know what you gotta do…