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Your ULTIMATE winter workout plan – Superdrug
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Your ULTIMATE winter workout plan

During ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ we get to hibernate as much as we can, cosying up, eating more and moving less. Even though it’s great fun, our bodies can suffer and our clothes become gradually tighter.

We all want to find that perfect little number for New Year’s Eve, when we strut our stuff and shake those hips. So we need to get our bodies ready, beating the stubborn lumps and bumps, especially around the bum and tummy area. So, how can we target these areas and look photo ready? We asked two personal trainers to give us advice on the best way to be stronger, fitter and healthier.

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Lucy Wyndham, personal trainer with over 20 years’ experience and YouTube fitness expert, has all the answers. ‘Stick with shorter workouts that use multiple muscle groups,’ she says. This way you pack more exercise into less time, giving you plenty of hours in the day to get on with the rest of your busy schedule.

Squats, mountain climbers and planks are but a few of the exercises that work out multiple areas of your bod. Do 20 reps of each, followed by a 60 second plank and repeat the set three times for a full body workout that won’t take you more than half an hour.

Around this time of year, it’s hard to motivate ourselves to get out of our warm beds and hit the gym. Lucy’s solution? ‘Make exercise fun by doing a workout at home. I love doing workouts in the warm and even in my PJs – obviously wearing a sports bra.’

A great way to stay motivated throughout the winter is by joining a group class, so you can push each other to the max. Sweat It London is a boutique studio that specialises in treadmill interval and functional resistance training all in one session, led by highly qualified trainers who help, support and push you to the limit to become fitter and stronger.

Melissa Weldon of Sweat It London ( has been a personal trainer for six years. Her tips for losing weight are not to focus on losing weight but ‘on getting stronger, fitter and healthier. Eat a nutritious but balanced diet. Don't stress over it. Don't ban foods – just eat like a grown-up and don't binge. Results come quicker when you enjoy it.

‘We’ve seen some amazing results with our regular clients,’ she adds. ‘They’re getting stronger, fitter, healthier, leaner and bursting with energy and confidence. There’s something really magical about when a new person comes to Sweat It and achieves something they didn't believe they could.’

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