We’re used to weird and wonderful beauty trends here at Superdrug, but this one has taken the biscuit. Say hello to yellow blusher, the new trend blowing up our Insta feed, but would you be brave enough to try it?

While no new eye or lip shade could surprise us, blush is a different matter and we’re weirdly kinda obsessed with its yellow variety.

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Admittedly, you have to be pretty fearless to leave the house like this but we think it’s worth the funny looks. Yellow (believe it or not) is a flattering colour on all skin tones and if that doesn't bring a bit of sunshine into your life then what will?

Although yellow blush itself has not quite made it onto the market, you can use eyeshadow for the same effect. At last, an avant-garde beauty trend that requires the most minimal exertion of effort.

If you don’t think you’re quite ready to rock it in the office in fear of looking like you’re nursing a three day old black eye, we think with an added sprinkle of glitter it would make the perfect festival look.