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What the Love Island girls will be using all summer long – Superdrug
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What the Love Island girls will be using all summer long

It’s no secret that we all love a bitta Love Island – but we’d be telling porkies if we didn’t admit that we get well jel when we see how hot they all look. Wondering how they manage it? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve got the goss on the beauty buys the girls will be obsessing over in the villa – no, this is not a drill. So, if you wanna know how to look 10/10, 24/7, keep reading, because we can guarantee that every one of these summer essentials will be your type on paper.

product collage of Love Island villa products

Hair that’s hot to trot

Has summer styling sucked the life outta your locks? It may be time to switch up your routine with the Islander’s secret hair saviours. For a barnet with bounce and shine to die for, wash and condition with the Superdrug Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner. These babies give your hair instant hydration (without the residue) and will leave your ’do with a luscious healthy shine. We know how much the Islanders love getting in and out of the pool, but all that chlorine can cause chaos when it comes to their hair. If you like a swim in the summer, or just feel like your hair needs that lil’ extra summin’ summin’, you need to get the Superdrug Coconut Water & Coconut Oil Hair Masque in your shower – like now! This intensive treatment will revive damaged hair and really give you maximum moisture. So, if you want hair like an Islander, jump on the bandwagon with these sweet-smelling, cruelty-free buys.

Superdrug Superdrug Coconut Water Shampoo 400ml £3.99 Buy Now
Superdrug Superdrug Coconut Water Conditioner 400ml £3.99 Buy Now
Superdrug Superdrug Hydrate & Shine Hair Mask with Coconut Water £3.99 Buy Now
superdrug products in Love Island house

Smooth operators

It amazes us how the gals look like they’ve never sprouted a single body hair in their life. With all those limbs in the limelight while they’re grafting on the guys, you can bet they’ll be banishing bothersome bristles with the Superdrug Ladies Razor Multipack. For skin as smooth as our sun-soaked sorts, get this shaving sensation in your shopping basket asap.

Put it on ya

It’s all well and good parading around in bikinis 24/7, but you can bet your bottom dollar the girls will be putting their skin first and slathering on the sun protection. Remember, when it comes to tan, we’re going for Islander glow – not leather-look lover. For your face and chest, go high or go home with the Solait Anti-Ageing Face Fluid with SPF 50+. This has all the stuff you’ll need to keep your mug protected from UVA and UVB rays and contains moisturisers to help your skin feel super-soft and supple during sun exposure. When it comes to the rest of your bod, use Solait Shimmering Oil Spray with SPF 20. This golden spritz will keep your skin safe from the sun while its illuminating shimmer will help to give you that Islander glow. Everyone knows the secret to a long-lasting natural tan is making sure it doesn’t peel. Do you think the girls will be putting in all that graft in the sun for it to just flake off? Hell no! Get yourself on the Islander’s level with the Solait Shimmering Aftersun. It’s packed with aloe vera and cucumber extracts, which will instantly cool and hydrate your skin.

Solait Solait Shimmering Aftersun 200ml £3.99 Buy Now

Skin for the win

Make-up can hide a lot, but when you’re on telly all the time, you’re gonna have to go bare-faced eventually – not to mention the fact that wearing all that war paint in the sun is hella hassle! If you’re wondering how our Islanders are confident enough to go glam-less, it’s because they’ve got their skincare routine locked down. They’ll be using the B. Pure Micellar Water to cleanse, and remove any impurities with the B. Confident Day Cream, which sinks right in and contains hyaluronic acid for deep-down moisturising. If these babies aren’t in your beauty bags, you’re missing out. For all-over body buffing, get your hands on the Vitamin E Sugar / Oil Body Scrub. It will help your skin feel soft and leave it looking polished.

Getting glam

It wouldn’t be Love Island without falsies, so if you wanna get glam like an Islander, you’ll need to stock up. For ultimate flutter factor, the girls will be using Superdrug LASH False Lashes Double Volume Edition. These thick and luscious lashes will leave you looking the part – and did we mention they’re super-simple to apply? That’s right, looking like an Islander just got even easier. Trim and shape your talons to keep your fingers looking on fleek with the Superdrug Manicure Set and top off your look with a gorgeous blow-dry. The Superdrug Bright Vent Hairbrush is perfect for achieving a stunning blow-out.

Superdrug Superdrug Manicure Set £3.99 Buy Now
Superdrug hairspray

Store it in style

With five gals in the villa, that dressing room is gonna get a bit jumbled. That’s why we’re making sure they’ve got a way to sort their stuff, and you’ll be excited to know that you, too, can get in on the action. Store all of your summer essentials in these PVC Superdrug Love Island Makeup Bags. They look amazing, they’re really easy to clean AND they come eight styles, complete with Love Island lingo graphics (four different phrases in pink or orange). Our personal fave? Buff in pink.

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