Follow our super-fast-fix feel-good tips to be the best you can possibly be…

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Have trouble getting to sleep? Can’t stay asleep through
the night? Wake up too early every morning? Mindfulness expert Clare Dimond gives her top 10-minute fast fixes that will really help…

If you’re feeling anxious…

Being stressed or anxious leads to under-breathing. Try the 4-7-8 breathing method. Breathe in through your nose for four seconds. Hold your breath for seven seconds. Exhale through your mouth for eight seconds. This technique forces you to take in more oxygen, which slows down your heart rate and relaxes your mind, putting you in the perfect state to drift off.

If something big is going on in your life…

Try listening to a short guided meditation. Free ones are available on YouTube, or you can download an app. Find
a quiet place, lie down,
put on an eye mask and listen. Just 10 minutes of this will relax muscles and organs, and increase the blood flow to the brain.

If you’re dreading tomorrow…

Set aside some time before bed to make plans for the next day. In a room away from your bedroom, write down the things you’ve got to do and list any problems on your mind that you’ll need to deal with. This will stop you going over things concerning you as you try to get to sleep.

Ask Dr Pixie

Q: It’s hard to resist social smoking when I’m out with friends. How can I avoid temptation?

A: Don’t take your coat with you when you go out, so the smoking shelter will be less attractive. Smoking and alcohol often go hand in hand, so moderate your drinking by alternating alcohol with softies. Try talking to an ex-smoker, who will help you ditch the cravings. And keep hands busy by nibbling on something like peanuts.