Ever wondered where Jesy Nelson looks for makeup inspo? Or the product Jade Thirlwall can’t live without? Luckily for you, we met up with the girls and got them to spill all…


Hey girls, what’s your foolproof guide to taking off your party makeup?

Jade: It depends how drunk you are. If you’re not that drunk, get in the shower and use a face wash to get all that stuff off, then use a cleanser. If you’re really merry and just want to get into bed, then bring out the face wipes.

Have you had skin problems in the past?

Jesy: I’ve been quite lucky with my skin, and I’m very grateful for that. The only time I ever really get spots is if I’ve eaten really badly or if I’m due on.

Jade: Me and Perrie used to really struggle with our skin. I think it was hormones and wearing a lot of makeup. I don’t think we looked after it well enough, either. Now that I’ve started cleansing properly and taking my makeup off before I go to bed, I’ve noticed a big difference.

Who’s the most meticulous about skincare?

Jade&Jesy: Leigh-Anne.

Jade: She’s really good at doing her routine and sticking to it. If I’m feeling a bit lazy, I’m not as good.

Where do you look for makeup inspo?

Jesy: I’m always on Instagram. There are a ton of beauty influencers who put up a close-up of an eye or a lip, and I’ll always screen-shot it and send it to our makeup artist to replicate.

Who are your beauty idols?

Jesy: I can’t lie… I do love a bit of Kimmy K.

Jade: I love Zoë Kravitz – and also people who can really master that no-makeup makeup look. People who don’t wear a lot but still look fabulous: I try and copy that.


Makeup trends you’re loving?

Jade: I’m a big fan of highlighter, but in moderation. You don’t want to look like a disco ball when you’re heading out. Brows are very important. They really change your face. When I was 15/16, I used to pluck my brows within an inch of their life.

The beauty product you can’t leave the house without?

Jade: Either a brow pencil or something for your lips.

Jesy: Yeah, I agree. Apply a lip balm, shove some sunglasses on – and you look like you’re done.

If you had to choose one beauty look to stick with forever, what would it be?

Jade: I love a classic blow-dry, so that would be me done forever. If I get a blow-dry, I make it last until its last legs. If I had to pick one makeup look, it would have to be a nice nudey-pink lip and a bit of mascara.

Jesy: Hair is hard for me because I’ve got so many wigs, and I love changing my hair colour all the time, so I don’t think I could pick one look. But if you’ve got a good set of lashes on, you can’t go wrong.

Your glam squad have gone on strike. Who are you calling on to do your makeup?

Jesy: Jade.

Jade: Well, I did do a beauty course at college…


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