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How to wash your hair

Yeah we’re actually serious! Confused by co-washing? Stumped by sulphates? Here’s all you need to know so you can just get on with washing your hair…

If you have curly hair

You have the most delicate and fragile of all hair types. It’s best not to wash it too often because too much water, aggressive rubbing and an overload of product will cause it to break. Choose a product with hair strengtheners.

If you have coloured hair

You’ve spent time and effort to get your colour on point, and the right shampoo can prevent it from being washed away. Opt for colour-preserving shampoos, which contain clever pigments to reflect the natural light off your hair and make your colour look glossy and luxe.

If you have fine hair

The right shampoo can make or break your hair type. A heavy product will weigh it down and make it greasy at the roots, even when it’s freshly washed. Fine hair also absorbs grease, sweat and oil super-fast, so you need to wash it fairly frequently with a shampoo that won’t strip it of its natural oils.

If you have thick hair

You don’t need to wash your hair very frequently as it doesn’t get greasy as quickly as other types. Thick hair also requires loads of time and patience to dry it, so you need a hard-working shampoo that will not only help keep it clean for as long as possible but also add much-needed moisture to help prevent it from looking dry, dull and damaged after blasting it with a hot hairdryer to get you glam more quickly.

If you have afro hair

The key for your hair type is to use a gentle and moisturising shampoo so that your curls and kinks get all the hydration they need. Co-washing (which means washing with a conditioner or a shampoo packed with moisturising ingredients) is also ideal for your hair type as it minimises breakages while maximising on moisture.

Parlez-vous shampoo?

The lingo you need to know...


This means washing with a conditioner or a shampoo that’s packed with moisturisers. Conditioners wash hair, but not as aggressively as shampoo, so it’s ideal for delicate curly hair.

Double shampoo

In salons, hair is normally washed twice. The first shampoo gets rid of dirt and product build-up, and the second cleans your hair. We should all be doing it at home, too.

Reverse wash

The new method for washing fine hair is to condition first, to soften and hydrate, then shampoo, to rinse away the weight of the conditioner and leave hair super-clean.


These preservatives, widely used in personal care products, have recently caused health concerns. As shampoo now keeps for longer using natural ingredients, it’s an easy nasty to swerve.


Avoid shampoos containing sodium lauryl sulphate if your skin is sensitive, as it can cause irritation.


Used to create lather, sulphates can also dry the skin, leading to a flaky scalp. Lots of shampoos don’t use sulphates now and you still get lots of bubbles – so you won’t miss out!

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