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Have yourself a very merry Fit-mas – Superdrug
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Have yourself a very merry Fit-mas

Perform this five-step, full-body-fit sesh in the run-up to Christmas and drop pounds like Santa drops gifts!


Sumo Squats

For toned glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves… Laura Hoggins, coach at Ministry Does Fitness, has a tip to finesse your form. ‘Imagine pushing a door closed behind you with your bum.

Christmas it up

No dumb-bells? Use a turkey (average weight 3-4kg).


Festive Froggers

Sandy Macaskill, co-owner of Barry’s Bootcamp London and trainer of supermodels and A-listers, explains, ‘Start in a push-up position, then jump your feet forward. You want to end the move with your chest and head up, so finish with hands either side of your head.’


Tricep Curls

‘Hold a dumb-bell over your head with arms extended. Slowly lower it behind your head, keeping elbows tucked in,’ says Laura. Then squeeze your triceps and return to full extension. 

Christmas it up

Can’t manage 5kg? Lift a bottle or two of prosecco.



Jumping Jacks

These increase your heart rate faster than you can say ‘kiss me under the mistletoe’. ‘They’re a full-body cardio exercise, so perfect for fat burning,’ says Victoria Spence, PT and co-founder of #GirlGains. ‘Keep them bouncy and fast to get your heart rate up.’


Donkey Kicks

‘This works all your bottom muscles,’ says Victoria. Flex your foot parallel to the ceiling, brace your abs and kick – like the donkey you played in the school nativity.

Christmas it up

Wear a Santa hat. Every kick, take it off and put it on again, to work your arms!


Do each move 10 times, then begin the next exercise without a break. Rest for 30-60 seconds between sets. Repeat the circuit four times.

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