With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, are you wondering how to make this year extra special for your partner? To ensure your day goes with a bang, we've teamed up with sexpert Alix Fox to bring you some exciting sex tips and tricks to try out...

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1. Give your beloved some undivided a-tent-tion!

‘This tip is incredibly cute and memorable – and great if you’d love to escape the everyday with your partner for Valentine’s but can’t afford a trip away to a fancy hotel. It’s also a tiny bit silly, but I think more couples should learn to laugh as part of their love lives! Intimacy and sex shouldn’t always be serious. It’s healthy to let your hair down and have a good giggle together; to stop worrying about how well you’re performing or how good you look nude, and instead focus on simply having fun. So create your own Treat Tent For Two by fishing out that pop-up tent you’ve got left from last year’s festivals and setting it up in your living room or bedroom. Fill it with soft blankets and fairy lights, and stash some sexy goodies in there: a dish of fresh fruit or chocolates to feed each other; some chilled drinks; massage lotion and climb in, shut out the world, and enjoy being in your own special space, just the two of you.’

2. Find your partner’s ‘dove dip’

‘Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to make time for intimacy, but if your lover seems anxious or has had a hard day and is too pent up to be passionate, you can be intimate in other ways. Help them wind down by turning them comfortably on their back, asking them to close their eyes, and using your fingertip to lightly stroke up and down their ‘dove dip’: the dipped area of the face where the bridge of the nose connects with the space between the eyebrows. I’ve given it this nickname because, like a dove, this move brings peace! It may sound odd, but try it: it’s calming and meditative, and helps transform people’s moods from strung out to soothed and ready to be sensual.’

3. Single lady? Celebrate ‘Galentine’s Day’

‘My single female friends and I have a ‘Galentine’s Day’ tradition, where we anonymously exchange cards with one another, in which we’ve written a list of heartfelt reasons why we appreciate that person. In addition, we swap small saucy parcels – a bullet vibrator or a bottle of tingling lubricant, for example – so we each have something cheeky to take home and have a naughty night in with ourselves. It turns a day that can be a touch grating if you’re unattached into something empowering, hilarious and – well – satisfying!’

4. Check your meds aren’t ruining things in bed

‘All sorts of medication can affect your sexual response, so if you’re planning a night of sexy Valentine’s thrills, it’s worth doing your homework on your tablets and pills. Did you know certain antihistamines, which are used to treat allergies and hay fever, can cause women to produce less vaginal moisture? They can act to dry out mucous membranes, which stops runny noses. Some antidepressants can reduce libido or make it harder for men and women to reach orgasm. Sometimes pills are prescribed without their knock-on effects on sex being explained by doctors, and not knowing why you’re feeling less inclined to be intimate or struggling to climax can be miserable and damaging to relationships. Being fully aware of sexual side effects makes it easier to find solutions, and helps you and your partner understand what’s happening. Superdrug’s in-store pharmacists and nurses can offer advice.’

5. Try the ‘bathtub rub-a-dub’

‘This bath-based move focuses on delivering unhurried, delicate and delicious female pleasure. First, run a tub of water – make it pleasantly warm but not too hot – and add an indulgent, sensually scented soak or oil, such as I Love Chocolate Fudge Cake bath foam. Switch off the lights and use candles to give the room a romantic, peaceful glow. Climb in the bath together, and spend a while connecting with one another, exchanging back rubs using a sponge or loofah. When you’re ready to take things to the next level, sit up at one end of the tub, with your partner sitting facing you. Next, lie back in the water while your partner slowly, gently and rhythmically strokes you. The warm water will relax you, and if you close your eyes and submerge your ears beneath the water, the sensory deprivation of sight and hearing can help you focus on your partner's touch, which will heighten the sensation.’