Want to make Valentine’s Day extra spesh this year but not quite sure how? We’ve racked our brains to bring you a little Valentine’s date inspiration, based on the length of time you’ve been together. We guarantee it will get your loved one in the romantic mood…

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1. If you’ve only just started dating: go to a unique bar/restaurant

Why not melt the ice by going to an ice bar? This is just one of many cool bars you could take your date to! Simply searching for interesting bars online will bring up thousands of results, and will impress your date.

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2. If you’ve been dating for six months: wine tasting

Ditch booking a table for dinner and try something different… like wine tasting. There are so many wine-tasting experiences available, some of which include food. Decide on how much you want to spend – and go for it!

3. If you’ve been together for nearly a year: go on a spa day

Having been together nearly a year, you feel completely cool about being seen in a dressing gown without your makeup on. So why not book a pampering spa day? There are lots of different ‘couples’ packages available – just the thing to get your partner in the mood…

4. If you’ve been together for years: re-enact your first date

Why not take things back to the beginning and remind your loved one of when you started dating? Make a reservation at the first restaurant you went to together, or go back to the place you first met. You’ll both be reminded of how you first felt… and still do!

5. If you’re engaged: cook a romantic three-course meal together

Why not just chill out together at home and have some well-needed alone time? Have a look in your fave cookbooks and decide on a starter, main and dessert, then sort out who’s doing what. It’s fun, interactive and, most importantly, cheap… remember you have a wedding to save for!