Nothing screams festival vibes quite like super-cute braids, but whether you’re a fan of the simple Dutch plait or fancy fishtail, upgrading your braid is the style trend you don’t want to miss out on this season. Check out some of the hottest hair trends we’re totally lusting after, and make sure there ain’t nothing basic about that braid as you say, oh hey, to summer.


Glitter partings are everything this season, and jumping on the trend-wagon has never been so easy. Take a pot of hair glitter, mix it with a dab of glitter fix, apply it to your partings and – voila – you have yourself one sexy AF braid. For extra babe appeal, braid backwards and twist the ends into super-cute topknots.  

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Hair accessories

Body already dripping in jewellery? Well, now it’s time to get that braid involved. From teeny, tiny rings to chunky oversized jewels, we’re loving the jazzed-up plait. Slide a Superdrug Studio Gold Moon Hair Clip into your braid for a super-sleek and stylish way to wear the trend, or get clip happy by adding two or three in a cute cluster.

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Mermaid hair, don’t care! Yup, spraying your braids every colour of the rainbow is the funkiest way to slay the look this season. For a DIY dye that’ll stand out from the crowd, spray sections of your hair with hair chalks in fave colours before styling into the ultimate magical mermaid braid.

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