Frizz is sometimes inevitable. Our hair occasionally refuses to cooperate no matter how relentlessly we smooth and straighten. It seems that, in winter, frizzed locks kick into overdrive and the battle to maintain a slick hairstyle can feel almost impossible. Fear not! We have the ultimate guide to the dos, don’ts, tips and tricks when it comes to fighting frizz this season. Hagrid, begone!

collage of frizzy haired cartoons

Be shower savvy

That battle against frizzy hair starts in the bathroom. It’s essential to have a solid and deeply conditioning routine to prevent unwanted fuzz. If your hair is prone to getting greasy quite quickly but you also suffer from frizz – don’t worry. Wash and condition your hair as normal, but switch things up once a week by using a nourishing hair mask. Not only will this restore moisture to your hair, but it’ll minimise frizz while it’s drying too.

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If your hair is on the dry side, throughout winter you can deeply condition more than once a week. Hair oils are perfect for giving your hair a deeper treatment. Use an in-shower oil that you can either add to your shampoo and conditioner or apply to damp hair. Oil is a great way to smooth down flyaway strands and keep frizz at bay all day.

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Another top tip is to leave your hair to dry naturally. Reaching for the heat is a mistake made by many, but this can actually damage your hair more and create frizz for the future. Squeeze (never scrub) the excess water off your hair with a towel and leave it to dry naturally for as long as you can. If you need to use heat, use it on a low temperature to smooth your locks. And NEVER forget a heat protectant.

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Sweet dreams

You can tackle your frizz with a pre-emptive strike while you catch some Zzzs. Ensure that you always sleep with your hair in a plait or loose bun, if your hair length allows. This prevents it from breaking and becoming tangled while you rest. Before tying it up, brush your hair tipped upside down, as this distributes your hair’s natural oils.

Running a styling cream or oil through your hair before you hit the pillow is a great tip, too. Use a small amount of product and smooth it through your hair with your fingers. Try to avoid putting too much product near your roots, as this can lead to your hair becoming greasy while you’re sleeping.

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Embrace it

It’s unrealistic to think you’ll achieve a constant slick ’do if your hair is naturally coarse or curly. Frizz is a natural hair habit that sometimes cannot be prevented. Try different styles that work with your own hair – if you’re struggling to tame the mane, scrunch your hair into a messy bun. Let your hair take on its natural texture and play to its strengths. However, it is always handy to carry around a bottle of dry oil just in case.