Move over, avocado, there’s a new Instagram-worthy, grid-goal-enhancing superfood in town. May we introduce the ube (pronounced ‘oo-bay’), a sweet root vegetable also known as purple yam that we predict will be the new front runner of aesthetically pleasing foods to be Instagrammed in 2017 – and trust us when we say, #NoFilter will be needed for this bad boy.

The ube has been used in Filipino cooking for years. Cut into it to reveal its purple centre, add it to a dish and the colour intensifies, just begging to have its picture taken.

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So what does it taste like? Well, it’s been likened to a blend of white chocolate, pistachios and vanilla, so it’s perfect to use in sweet treats. French-inspired Filipino restaurant Manila Social Club in NYC kicked off the trend when they started using it on their doughnuts. Mmmmm. There are now places in London that use ube in their ice cream!

Search #ube on Instagram, and there are already over 150,000 results, set to increase in the coming months.

Sorry, avocado, it’s just not working any more. Maybe we can still be friends?