Jazz up your do for Christmas with a sprinkling of spangly hair grips, inspired by the Zadig & Voltaire AW18 catwalk

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Photo: Imaxtree

Step 1

Use the Superdrug Tail Comb, £1.49, to create a middle parting in your hair.

Step 2

Spritz Style Expertise Heat Spray, £2.99, all over your hair to protect it from heat damage.

Style Expertise Style Expertise Heat Spray 300ml £2.99 Buy Now

Step 3

Wrap random 1-inch sections of hair around the Superdrug Ceramic Curling Tongs, £12.99, and clamp in place. Hold for 10 seconds, then release your curls and tease ’em out with your fingers.

Step 4

Take three or four Superdrug Studio Arrow Hair Grips, £2.99 for 2, and slide them into your hair at random angles above each ear.

Studio London Superdrug Studio Arrow Hair Grips £2.99 Buy Now

Step 5

Make sure your hair is party-ready all day (and all night) by lightly spraying with Superdrug Hairspray in Natural Hold, £1.49.

Superdrug Superdrug Hairspray Natural 300ml £1.49 Buy Now