While we love nothing more than that just-coloured feeling – whether it’s from a box or thanks to your fave hairdresser – once you’ve done the dye deed, you've gotta give hair a little more love. So whether you're concerned about colour fade or your bottle-blonde looks more stressed out than your best mate during exam season, here's how to care for coloured hair. Clue: it's easier than you think. 

Banish your washing woes

It might not sound very sexy, but if you’re committed to your colour, you’ll need to stop washing your hair so regularly. Water will gradually strip away colour, so stick to sudsing up just two or three times a week. And as hot water can scorch hair and weaken colour, rinse with lukewarm water. Your colour will remain more vibrant, and your reflection will thank you for it. The idea of shunning shampoo grossing you out? Reach for Superdrug Dry Shampoo in Exotic Flair – this sweet smelling saviour will keep you feeling daisy-fresh without causing your rinse to fade.

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Fight the frizz

Coloured hair is prone to damage, and frizz is a surefire sign that it’s in need of some TLC, stat. So invest in a deep-conditioning treatment such as Shea Moisture Black Castor Oil Conditioner and break up with your breakage for good! Smother your hair from root to tip before wrapping in clingfilm and putting your feet up for 10-15 minutes (just enough time for a cuppa, then). Loaded with reparative omegas to promote healthy hair growth, this conditioning treatment will soften, detangle and control frizz – dreamy!

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Behave in the rays

Planning to spend your summer lounging on the beach, playing by the pool and flirting your way into all the best bars? Us, too. But lacklustre hair is a big holiday no-no. Not only will the sun fade vibrant pigments, but heat and harmful rays will dry out your mane faster than you can say pina colada! You could try finding some scalp specific SPF, but our fave way to protect coloured hair is with the Style Freedom Workable Hairspray with built in UV protection. This holiday must-have will keep your colour gleaming while holding those bouncy waves in place. 

Swimming saviours

It’s no secret that chlorine and hair dye are not best pals – especially if you’ve opted for an ice-queen bleach blonde. Chlorine reacts with the chemicals in dye and can leave you looking more Grinch than goddess! The best way to avoid a nasty green tinge is to cover up with a swimming cap – but when that isn’t possible, or you simply don’t want to (hello, hot lifeguard!), you can create a barrier between your hair and the water by wetting it in the shower first and applying a generous amount of leave-in conditioner before sweeping it up into a high twisted bun. Post-pool, refresh and revive your hair by washing it with Superdrug Colour Enhance Golden Blonde, to add richness and depth, and to counteract fading.

Cut it out

You’ve probably heard (and ignored) this advice a thousand times before – but it’s the unavoidable truth that regular trims will keep your hair looking tip-top, especially when it’s been exposed to the harsh effects of hair dye. If you’re planning on shaking it up with a new colour, have the dye done first before getting a trim. Hair dye can cause hair ends to snap off, so a trim afterwards will cut away the damage, leaving your crown so fresh Bel-Air will think you’re calling!