When the nights are long and the mornings cold, there’s nothing quite like snuggling up in a cosy bedroom to read a book or binge on your favourite series. When it’s winter, we’re looking for all the little things that make our downtime just that bit more snuggly. Here are our three picks for perking up your bedroom’s cosy factor, but consider yourself warned – you’ll feel so darn fuzzy that getting out of bed on those dark chilly mornings will be even more of a struggle. Totes worth it, though!

cosy bedroom

Snuggly scents

Nothing screams comfort like a candle, and no scent whispers relax quite like the signature smell of Sanctuary Spa. They’ve done us an absolute solid and made a candle that’ll leave your room smelling of that oh-so well-known citrus-y oriental fragrance. Relax into a haze of warm musk and snuggle up for a relaxing evening.

TOP TIPS: Always trim the wick of your candle with scissors or nail clippers before you light it, for a brighter, more even burn. To prevent tunnelling (you know, when your candle burns down the middle and you’re left with hours’ worth of scent that you’ll never get back stuck to the sides of the pot), let the entire top layer of your candle melt before you blow it out. Follow both these tips every time and you’ll be a candle-burning pro! And, remember, never leave your candle burning unattended.

Sweeter dreams

If you want to continue the relaxing sensation once you’ve blown out your candle and you’re ready to hit the hay, a pillow mist is the way to go. The Tisserand Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist, with its mix of soothing essential oils, is perfect for anyone who struggles to switch off at night. Spray over your pillow before bed and drift off in a warm, relaxing cloud of sandalwood, lavender and jasmine – could anything be more perfect?

Cosy cushions

If there’s one more way to make your room cosy, it’s with cushions – and, call us crazy, but we believe the more you have, the better. This Zoella Cloud Nine Cushion is the perfect accessory for any lounge lover. Prop it on your bed or a chair for puffed-to-perfection snuggly-ness.