Between the pizzazz and the present shopping, it’s easy to get swept up in the seasonal whirlwind that’s Christmas. Whether you attack it with military precision or you’re a disorganised mess on Christmas Eve, it’s often hard to see outside of your own little bubble. But it’s the season of goodwill to ALL, which means taking the time and effort to spread your kindness a little further afield. Stuck on what you can do? Here are three ways you can give back this Christmas.

Christmas products laid out in the shape of an ornament against a light blue background

Beauty Banks

Although we may not find the everyday items like toothpaste, body wash and tampons very exciting, they can mean a lot to someone else. Homelessness and poverty across the UK cause people to struggle to get their hands on essential personal-hygiene products – and that’s where Beauty Banks comes in.

Next time you’re doing your Superdrug shop, throw in an extra packet of tampons or sanitary towels. Or if you don’t want that bathing set you got for Christmas, put it to good use. Box up these items and send them to Beauty Banks (follow @thebeautybanks for more info), or take them to one of the following stores where you’ll find a drop-off point: Manchester Arndale Centre, Manchester Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester Oxford Street.

The products are distributed to shelters and organisations where the people who need them will be able to get them.

Give someone a Christmas

Christmas is a time to be around loved ones and enjoy a dinner with a roof over your head and loads of cheer to go around. Being homeless and alone doesn’t lend itself to the season’s festivities, but sadly there are people who are looking at a Christmas spent on the streets.

That’s where you come in. You can donate £28.18 (pretty darn good for a present THIS special) to Crisis and give someone who’s homeless a proper Christmas. That includes everything from a hearty Christmas dinner to a mental wellbeing and physical health check. Find out more about this amazing incentive at

Pay it forward

If you’ve never seen the film Pay It Forward, you’ve gotta rectify that asap. It’s a little movie with a big message about the power of human kindness and perfect if you’re in the mood for a good tear jerker. The idea? If someone does you a favour, instead of paying it back, you pay it forward threefold.

Next time someone does something nice for you, whether it’s buying you a coffee or complimenting your outfit, make it your mission to pay it forward. Repay their kindness by sharing the love with three other people. Tell your friends and family and by the time it gets to Christmas, you’ll be in the middle of a chain reaction of loveliness that’ll make you feel warmer and fuzzier than any stocking stuffer ever could.