A good smoky eye is like a pizza margherita – a dependable option that doesn’t offend anyone but isn’t gonna set the world on fire either. In the run-up to party season, though, that fresh-faced summer-centric vibe is making way for full-on winter wonderglam, and the smoky eye is getting ready to have its moment in the spotlight. But instead of sticking to the tried and tested, why not add some individuality and spice it up a little? You don’t have to follow the rules – think of makeup in the same way as the create-your-own section of a pizza menu. We’ve been doing some experimenting, and here are our top three ways to switch up your smoky eye…

three ways to dress up a smoky eye

Go glam

This technique is a favourite of makeup artists and beauty bloggers, so it’s defs worth a try if you’re going for full glam. It’s called a halo or spotlight eye and involves applying a shimmery or reflective shadow to your eyelid, which brightens up the overall look. Once you’ve done your smoky eye, simply apply Revolution Flawless Foils in Rebound, focusing the pigment on the centre of your lid and not going above the crease. This is a surefire way to amp up the glam on any smoky eye.

Luxe liner

Nothing screams party like a touch of gold and a sprinkle of glitter. For a subtle touch of the sparkly stuff in your smoky eye, incorporate it into your liner. Top your classic black cat’s eye with Collection Glam Crystals Gel Glitter Eyeliner in Hustle 4, or go all out and use a metallic liquid liner to add drama. Our fave is Rimmel Ink Me Up Liquid Eye & Body Liner in Golden Gang – a lick of this and your flick will be on fleek.

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Disco lids

If you want your peepers to pack more of a punch, go for it with the glitter. You can add a gorgeous shimmer to your smoky eye by applying Wunder2 Glitter Eye Shadow Gelly in 24 Karat to your lids and blending it out and upwards. This will give your look a stunning blown-out sparkle effect that will set your smoky eye apart.

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