So here’s the deal. We all know a good, solid skincare routine is important, but we don’t all have the time for multistep, product-heavy regimens. And, let’s be honest, sometimes (a lot of the time!) we just cba with it all. So do we skip the skincare? Hell, no! Even with all the products available and 1,000-step Korean-beauty-inspired skincare taking off, there’s still such a thing as quick and easy skincare without the need for compromise. This three-step skincare routine will leave you cleansed, glowing and moisturised in under five mins. We know. #Shooketh.

girl wearing dungarees lying on a chair relaxing

Clever cleansing

The key to speedy skincare is finding a one-product wonder that’s gonna multitask and cut your routine (and costs!) in half. Sanctuary Spa Daily Glow Power Cleanser is just what you need. It’s a rich, fluffy mousse with a super-fine powder that gently exfoliates the skin and comes packed with resurfacing AHA. The formula will break down all that daily grime, unclog your pores and get rid of excess oils to fight bothersome blemishes in no time. We’re in!

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Tighten and tone

The best part of an in-depth skincare routine is that squeaky-clean feeling you have at the end – when your pores are tight and your skin feels nourished to within an inch of its life. That’s what we’re going for. Once cleansed, use La Roche-Posay Soothing Lotion and Toner on a cotton pad and swipe all over your face. This toning lotion for sensitive skin is great for anyone, gently soothing skin and tightening pores, while giving a double-cleanse that’s integral to any good skincare routine.

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Multitasking moisturiser

Think moisturiser is just for, well, moisturising? Think again. Carry out this step with the right product and you’ll be giving your skin much more than moisture. Olay Total Effects Moisturiser with SPF30 also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, evens out and brightens your skin tone, refines pores and makes your skin smoother and firmer for a radiant youthful glow. Oh… and it has SPF30, which you need all year round.

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Time for more?

These three steps will have all your basics covered, but there are always moments when our skin needs a little extra lovin’…

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Fancy a bit of a pamper? Go for a sheet mask. It’s easier to apply than a clay one, less messy and just as nourishing.

If there are any zits that need zapping, have a targeting product in your skin kit. Apply a dot where you need it, when you need it, and send those pimples packing.

If your eyes are looking a little laden, use an under-eye reviver to cool and de-puff.