We’re probably not alone when we say we’ve spent far too much time obsessed over cool beauty Insta-trends, so here are three of our all-time faves…


Sunset hair

Any sort of hair that’s been dyed multiple colours is a winner in our eyes, but sunset hair had us hooked as soon as we found out about it. Pinky red and burnt orange paired with powerful purples never looked so good!

Unicorn highlighter

When the Instagram world got wind of the Etsy seller who handmakes rainbow highlighter, it went instantly viral – and for very good reason. Who wouldn’t want traces of unicorn on their face? It’s a total one-of-a-kind product, and even if you don’t fancy wearing it on your face, isn’t it the most Instagrammable highlighter you ever did see?

Rainbow lashes

The rainbow theme continues with these dreamy lashes – and aren’t they pretty? Sure, there’s a time and a place for coloured mascara, but why have we never thought about wearing all the shades together and making a rainbow on our lashes? To make lashes really pop (and if you’re feeling properly brave), you could use white mascara as a base.