When it comes to the royals, we just can’t get enough. To celebrate our favourite royal hunk turning 32 today, we’ve listed just as many reasons why we love him…

1. His red hair

2. He has a super-expressive face

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3. He’s set ALL of the uncle goals with Prince George and Princess Charlotte


4. He’s athletic

5. Apparently, he’d go on a dating show…

According to Paddy McGuinness, presenter of ITV dating show Take Me Out, Harry once told him, ‘I want to be on your show! I want to go to Fernando’s!’ LOL.

6. He does a great impersonation of the cool emoji…

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7. He’s been out clubbing with Alan Carr

Carr once revealed on the Lorraine show that he had been partying with the prince. He said, ‘I met him once in a nightclub. He came over to me and said in a posh voice, "Where are your glasses?” I just saw this ginger thing, like a fox, run across my shoe. We started dancing together and got carried away. I pulled his tie. We were on the floor, rolling.’

8. He’s got a great beard

9. He’s got great banter

10. He loves to ski

11. He was a great best man…

12. He LOVES kids…

13. … And cares for the elderly

14. He looks great in uniform

15. He’s very close to his brother

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16. … and he’s the best looking third wheel EVER

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17. He does loads of charity work

18. He’s patriotic – he served in the military for a whole decade

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19. He loves rugby

20. AND he’s an animal lover

21. He’s friends with Olympic champions

22. He’s a football fan

Prince Harry admitted back in 2015 that the royal family are Arsenal fans during his tour of New Zealand.

23. AND he’s a handyman

Prince Harry apparently came across a broken TV while visiting a temporary home in Valparaiso, Chile and insisted on fixing it for the family living there.

24. He’s a real family man

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25. He’s not shy to dance like nobody’s watching…

26. He has a love life, just like any of us

Prince Harry has had a bit of a tricky time when it comes to love. He split with his first serious girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, in 2011 and with more recent love interest Cressida Bonas in 2014 after dating for two years.

27. He looks GREAT in a suit

28. As a child, he once took part in a Christmas play

According to reports, Prince Harry apparently once played the part of a goblin for a nativity play at Mrs Mynor's nursery school in London as a child!

29. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty

30. He can fly a helicopter

During his time in the military, Prince Harry qualified as an Apache aircraft commander – meaning he can fly a helicopter. Now doesn’t that sound like a great date night?

31. He loves to photobomb

32. His super-mischievous smile