No dosh, no upcoming holidays and a distinct lack of fairy lights – it doesn’t get duller than January. Thankfully, the same needn’t apply to your face and bod. With a texture and tone to suit everyone, these faux glow-givers will help you look and feel infinitely more radiant.

collage of six self-tanners

The one-night-only pick

Our January social calendar may not be buzzing, but when we do have a night out, it’s a last-minute need-a-cocktail-now affair. Enter this wash-off instant tan, which is transfer and water (read: prosecco) resistant. Blend it in with a mitt and shower off later. And, yes, we totally approve of only tanning the bits on show.

The featherweight self-tan

If it’s the feeling of fake tan that usually puts you off, you’ll be converted by this barely-there lotion. From a Caroline Flack-approved brand, created by Lottie Tomlinson, it comes in four variants and is brimming with skin-loving ingredients. You won’t even realise it’s getting to work – until a gilded glow emerges when you rinse it off one to four hours later.

The foolproof lotion

Super-fair or a complete bronze-o-phobe? This is the tan tool for you. We’re yet to meet anyone that doesn’t get on with the lightweight quick-drying formula (perfect for chilly mornings) and streak-free finish. Just apply it in place of your ordinary body lotion every other day for a gentle coconut-scented glow.

The night-time wonder

Subtle tanning agents, calming aloe vera and moisturising glycerine and vitamin E… this double-duty tanner and mask is like all our winter beauty wishes packaged up in one. Create a smooth canvas with a non-oily face scrub or by buffing off your cleanser with a flannel. Then apply it instead of your usual night cream – skipping your brow and eye area.

The bespoke one

Can’t bear to ditch your most trusted face cream – even for one night? Make a beeline for this made-to-measure concept. Pop three to six drops in your hand and mix with your day cream, night cream or serum for a tailor-made tan. The more drops, the darker the effect. It’s especially game-changing if you’re oil prone and find most face tanners too rich.    

The extra-dark option

If ‘the deeper, the better’ is your tanning mantra, check out this colour-intense lotion. Leaving it on for an hour will have you looking sunkissed, or dial it up to the 16-hour mark for an uber-rich effect that continues to develop once rinsed off. You can even add an extra layer 10 minutes in and the tinted guide colour ensures you don’t miss a spot.