Get your chicken change, everyone – that shrapnel in your pocket can get you this great little skin saviour. Everyone loves a bargain, and when we picked up Nivea Micellar Water for Sensitive Skin, we were blown away at the till when the assistant asked for just £1.99! It’s so easy to splurge on skincare – and, don’t get us wrong, we LOVE a lil luxury every now and then – but when a beauty bargain comes along that works wonders for your skin and is cheap as chips, you really can’t afford to miss out, can ya?

What’s so special about it

There’s nothing we love more than a stellar micellar. Throw in some multitasking magic and we’re sold. This 3-in-1 skin cleanser not only removes makeup, but also gives you a deep yet gentle cleanse, while soothing and hydrating your skin for a smoother, brighter complexion. You cannae complain!

Why we love it

You may be thinking, ‘Why the hell are we shouting about micellar water?’ But when we find a product that works perfectly and is less than £2, it’s our duty as beauty journalists to share it with all of you… #SpreadTheLove. It leaves behind zero residue, so if you want a product that’s gonna let your skin breathe in next to no time, this is the one. It’s also the perfect size for when you’re on the go. Get one in your gym bag, weekend bag, on your desk and in your bathroom – we promise you’ll love it.

Get your own

We guarantee everyone in the office will want a splash of it if they’re having a makeup mare. And be warned: when you use it before your group spin class, your mates won’t be able to resist. Be sure to stock up by clicking the link below…

Nivea NIVEA MicellAIR Micellar Water for Sensitive Skin, 100ml £1.99 Buy Now