If your motivation to exercise gets crushed at the thought of a boring old run, listen up. Some of our happiest childhood memories were playing silly games in the fields. So Superdrug and Rabble have teamed up and made it acceptable to play British Bulldogs, Stuck In The Mud and Dodgeball as adults, by bringing us The Liberation Games. Who says adult-ing had to be boring?

The best part about it is you sweat – I mean, really sweat! If we’d have known back in the day that playing Dodgeball could get us beach ready, we’d have been lobbing balls ever since. They encourage all fitness levels to play, so even if you’ve never taken part before, you can get stuck in (the mud) and involved.

The games are going to be happening all over the country during the summer. All you need are some clothes that you don’t mind getting a bit messy and a ticket.

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