If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to oomph up any makeup look, it’s a pair of falsies. The problem is, we all know how temperamental they can be, and after 10 minutes of trying and failing to get them anywhere remotely near our eye, we often throw in the towel (and find them in our hair a few hours later).

But now party season is in full swing and we want to look and feel our absolute best, we’ve devised a foolproof method of applying those falsies and getting them to stay on your lashes. You can thank us later.


Removing falsies from their packaging is a task in itself. Make it easy with tweezers, starting at the inner corner of the lash and slowly peeling it away.


HOLD UP! Before applying the glue, size up the lash to your eye. If it’s too long, trim a tiny bit off the outer corner. Then measure again and trim to a neat fit.


Now it’s time to apply the glue – and this is where things tend to go wrong. Coat the whole band of the false lash with glue and leave to dry for 45 seconds. If you don’t allow enough time for the glue to dry, the lash slides all over the place when you place it on your eyelid, eventually sticking where you don’t want it to. Apply to the back of your hand until the glue is tacky.


In front of a magnifying mirror, use your fingers to place the centre of the false lash to the centre of your lash line. Once you’re happy with the placement, push the inner and outer corners along the lash line with tweezers.


Once your falsies are dry, apply mascara to blend lashes together. Alternatively, use an eyelash curler to get the falsies as close to your natural lash line as poss.