Looking for a new podcast to keep you company on your commute? Forget toting a hardback to-and-from work, why not get on board (pun intended) with the humble beauty podcast. Even if your makeup know-how is lacking not packing, your beauty-related prayers will be answered with breaking trends, lots of laughs and the inside knowledge on brand spanking new products – and who doesn’t want that. Here’s a roundup of the best beauty podcasts to fill your ears with in 2019…

Girl with cosy socks on with a cup of tea

Stay on brand with Superdrug's very own podcast!

‘The Beauty of it All’ is the beauty-obsessed big sister you’ve always wanted!  Here for you when you’re craving a dose of beauty inspo, the low-down on what’s going on backstage in the beauty industry and the very best guest convos! Listen now or find out more by clicking here.


For beauty without the BS: Beauty full lives

Get to know beauty products by hearing about the story behind them. Hear from the most interesting people as they give you the honest down low on what prods they’re into and how they feel in them. Star guests include the oh-so-glam Kylie Minogue and the nation’s own sweetheart Holly Willoughby.

To find out what the beauty insiders REALLY use: Fat mascara

Harper’s Bazaar’s beauty director Jessica Matlin and Marie Claire’s beauty director Jennifer Goldstein join forces to get you involved with the latest beauty trends. Speaking to dermatologists, colourists, manicurists and perfumers, these huns have covered more than the basics. Previous guests? Only the likes of Miranda Kerr, Christian Louboutin, Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown OH and Kat Von D.

If you want a career in beauty: Breaking beauty

Want to know about the best-selling products and all-time favourites you can get your hands on? Check out Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins Breaking Beauty podcasts. The long-time beauty editors are all about separating the guests from the gimmicks. They talk about the stories behind our beauty heroes and ask them grill them on how they managed to get their break into the beauty business.

The one that ticks all the boxes: The Emma Guns Show

Last but not least, the podcast that has already charted in the Top 10 on iTunes AND Writer, presenter and brand consultant Emma Guns gets together with our FAVE celebs, editors and authors to chat fitness and wellness. Our hero titles rave about it (Cosmo, stylist, Get the Gloss, need we say more?) so it must be good.

Now what you're listening to is sorted, what about what you're applying? Check out our fave commute-proof beauty prods. You're welcome. 

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