Perfecting your selfie game has never been more important in the world of social media, but gone are the days of trying to achieve a totally even complexion by sitting in front of the mirror for hours and caking on the contour powder! Women have a new go-to for achieving a faux glow, and it’s got nothing to do with bronzer or highlighter.

FRECKLES. They’re officially back. Remember when we were speckling our faces with brown kohl (then blurring them out to look ‘real’) for a flawless, freckled finish? Well, we’re still doing that – but Instagram has taken the trend to a new extreme: TATTOOED freckles, as a new form of semi-permanent makeup.

Although the freckles may look a little unnatural at first, the swelling and blocky colour is said to soften within a month or two of having the treatment. The colour can be boosted by revisiting the tattoo artist if you’re after a bolder look. This method may be safer than trying to achieve something similar in the sun, but we’re still not so sure…

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