We caught up with Natasha Oakley, beach babe and co-founder of the A Bikini A Day Instagram and blog, to talk all things tan, fitness and swimwear. Oh, and she spills on which filter to use on your Insta bikini pic…

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What are your top fake tanning tips?

For me, it’s crucial to use a body polish the day before I tan. I think my best tanning tip would be to try different tanning products to find the one that’s right for you. Start with an instant tan to see how it makes you feel and to get the technique right

When do you find you have to use fake tan? Is it something you’ll do to give your skin a break from the sun?

I don’t ever tan my face in the sun, so without self-tan my face would always look lighter than the rest of my body, which sometimes means it’s hard to match my makeup to my skin tone. I like to tan whenever I know I have a shoot or event coming up, or if I’m away travelling. I tend to use an instant tan for an event, but I’ll have a professional spray tan if I’m going away for a week.

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How does having a glowing head-to-toe tan make you feel?

It makes me feel gorgeous and sexy. Everyone likes to look tanned, but it’s important to do it in a healthy way. It helps with self-confidence on the beach or when you’re wearing a summery outfit. Having a tan makes a huge difference to my confidence levels.

Have you got any tips on keeping your tan for as long as possible?

Staying moisturised is a big part of making sure your tan lasts. It’s an important part of my beauty regime, and it really helps make sure my skin is a good canvas ahead of applying tan. I drink a lot of water and moisturise daily – I’ve always taken care of my skin.

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How do you keep bikini ready all year round?

I have a balanced diet and eat healthily. I don’t smoke or drink, but I do drink a lot of water. I grew up in Sydney, and they live such a healthy lifestyle there. As it’s all I have ever known, it comes naturally to me.

A big part of keeping bikini ready is to ensure my tan is always on point, which means taking care of my skin, especially as I’m always on photoshoots or in the public eye. Glowing skin is key, so I make sure I have a good skincare regime and stay hydrated.

How do you keep fit and healthy when you’re always on the move?

It’s easier than you think to keep fit and healthy when travelling as hotels have a gym you can use (no excuses)! At home I have to drive to the gym, so it’s more of an effort and I often do home workouts instead. It’s also more fun working out in different places, as hotels generally have state-of-the-art equipment and classes. In Hawaii, I loved trying stand-up paddle boarding!

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If you could only wear one bikini for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

It would be something from Monday Swimwear. I’d probably have to say the Clovelly suit – it’s SUCH a good fit. In terms of colour, I’d go for all black or black and ivory – it’s a stunning style.

What are the swimwear trends for 2017?

Neoprene is fading out this year and so are zips. Classic styles are coming back in, which means florals, prints and bright colours. With swimwear, there aren’t always definite trends. Everyone designs what they feel looks good on a woman, rather than trying to be cutting edge. 

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What are your top tips for getting the perfect bikini pic?

My first tip is don’t ever take a photo in the middle of the day – the sunlight is so harsh. Take one in the morning light or at sunset, when the light is much more flattering.

Secondly, SMILE. Look happy! People are always more envious when you’re having a good time and not just posing for a photo.

Finally, make sure you clean the camera on your phone to get rid of sunscreen, oil and salt, so the photo isn’t blurry. Make sure the location you’re in looks as good as possible. If it’s blurry, you could be anywhere.

What’s your fave Insta filter?

I’d probably say Aden, but I only use a quarter of it. It adds a pinkish tone, as well as a slight fade, so it gives a really nice overall effect.

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