From where we were sitting (on the sofa, in our dressing gowns, surrounded by endless packets of snacks, obvs), all the Islanders looked suspiciously sunkissed on their arrival at the villa. Now we’re no Sherlock Holmes, but we think there’s a strong possibility they hit the bottle prior to arrival, with Laura telling the girls, ‘We’re all so brown! I thought I’d put a bit too much fake tan on!’ There’s no such thing as too much, Laura…

So we thought it was only right to get the lowdown on all things tan with Laura herself, starting with her biggest fake-tanning faux pas. We got Eyal in on the action, too, by seeing who he’d most like to apply sun cream on in the villa and whether he thinks tan lines are hot or not (for the record, he kinda rates them, so this is our cue to start fake baking with our pants on).


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