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The kit you need to take your at-home mani to the next level – Superdrug
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The kit you need to take your at-home mani to the next level

An hour in the salon getting a manicure is such a treat – super-relaxing and a great way to indulge in some you-time. But since this is the busiest and most expensive time of year (hands up if you’re crawling to payday), we don’t all have the time or dime to spend on a nail tech. But we’ve got the next best thing: a way to upgrade your at-home mani and improve the results so it looks and feels as if you’ve had your nails done by a profesh.

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Get handsy

We put our hands through a lot and, in the winter months, the cold weather can really dry them out, so it’s important to look after them. Superdrug Vitamin E Skincare Sugar and Oil Body Scrub is a great way to kick off your at-home mani. Vitamin E moisturises your skin and has antioxidant properties to help promote nail growth, while the sugar buffs away dead skin cells. You’ll be left with hands as soft as a bubba’s and the perfect blank canvas for your manicure. Lock in all the moisture with A’kin Calming Hand Cream, enriched with jojoba oil, which is superfood for your nails!

Sandwich your shades

Now for the nail painting. You may think it’s tedious, but sandwiching your nail colour between a base and a top coat helps your nails to look their best for longer. Apply Bourjois So Perfect Base Coat to give an even surface for your colour. Leave to dry, then apply your chosen shade, followed by a top coat, which will protect it and speed up the drying process. Nothing says ‘I did my nails at home in a hurry’ like streaked and dented nail polish. Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat is perfect for combating this. It sets in just 30 seconds and provides UV protection to prevent colour fading.

Revlon Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat £7.99 Buy Now

High shine only

One reason we all love gel nail polish is that it’s so damn smooth and shiny! It looks flawless and makes our nails look beaut. But not everyone has a UV lamp at home to cure gel polish and the products can be pricey. The solution? Opt for gel-effect formulas with shine that leaves your nails looking as if you’ve just stepped out of the salon. Any one of the three formulas below will work a treat.

Essie essie Gel Couture 130 Touch Up Dusty Pink Nail Polish £9.99 Buy Now
Barry M Barry M Gelly Nail Paint Rhubarb £3.99 Buy Now

Oil up

So you’ve finished painting your nails, they’re dry and look bloomin’ gorgeous – but you can’t forget nail oil. It’s essential for caring for your nails, keeping them hydrated and flexible. Brittle nails break, so keep Sally Hansen Treatment Vitamin Oil near you at all times. Its blend of essential oils, including vitamin E and aloe, conditions your cuticles and keeps your nails healthy.

Sally Hansen Sally Hansen Nail Treatment Vitamin E Oil 13.3ml £7.99 Buy Now
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