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Switch up your scent

It’s the season for a sparkling new scent and time to meet your new fragrance tribe

Just as we’re all about sailor stripes, sporty cuts and fringing for our summer wardrobe, it’s time to make a statement with a new season of fragrance trends, too. We’ve been guilty of wearing the same perfume for way too long, so we know how easy it is to get stuck in a fragrance rut.

This year, the idea of a single signature scent is over, and with the new generation of fashion-forward fragrance families to meet, it’s the perfect time to pick a new perfume.

You may be expecting to pick a camp now: floral, fruity or oriental, right? Wrong! All the traditional rules are out, and it’s just about picking something you love. So, lead with your nose, get stuck into these stylish gems and expect lots of ‘Ooo, what are you wearing?’ from your friends. Here’s our round-up of the perfumes you
need to know about, so you can pick your very own statement scent.


Aquatic perfumes Kate Spade Calvin Klein Issey Miyake

These are the scents that energise you all day long. This family is for outdoorsy types but will also appeal to anyone who likes their perfume to be clean and refreshing. The key notes are usually light aquatic flowers like lily and lotus.

Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey EDT This fresh scent is irresistibly uplifting. Lotus makes it a sensual choice, with dewy lily petals and peony to keep it modern and clean. Takes you from morning to night, thanks to a trail of tender musks.

Perfect for: bossing it at work

COMING SOON: Kate Spade Truly Dazzling EDT, 75ml, £45 Water lily and a blend of salt and minerals from California’s death valley evoke memories of the ocean, bursting with energy and vitality. There’ll be no stopping you after a spritz of this.

Perfect for: outdoor adventures

Calvin Klein Eternity Air For Women EDP, 30ml, £35 Calvin Klein is about cool, crisp waves of freshness. A burst of grapefruit, pear and ozonic notes with silky lily of the valley makes this an energetic booster, which will leave you raring to go.

Perfect for: beach hangs 

Issey Miyake Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey Eau de Toilette 50ml £48.00 Buy Now


candy themed perfumes

If you’re usually a fan of fruity fragrances, go candy. The tempting treats of the perfume world are straight-up sexy. Look for notes such as candyfloss and apple, often with vanilla for added sensuality. Flirty, fun and feisty, it’s as if you’ve got a bottle full of positive affirmations.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love EDT, 50ml, £55 This sugary little number is pure LA beach vibes – warm, sunny and oh so laid-back. Mixing super-sweet cloudberries with creamy daisy tree petals, it’ll instantly conjure up all your favourite holiday romances.

Perfect for: summer vacay

Hugo Boss The Scent For Her EDT, 50ml, £45 A tasty cocktail of peach and cocoa, this velvety scent has a pretty floral feel, thanks to the freesia top notes. Oh, and the rose and gold bottle is sheer #shelfie perfection.

Perfect for: date night

Missguided Babe Power EDP, 80ml, £28 Sassy and unapologetic, this is all your most kickass days bottled up for for keeps! Grapefruit, cherry, apple, candyfloss and vanilla are muddled together in one delicious aroma. It’s perfect for when you need a confidence boost – swagger has never smelt so good!

Perfect for: a girls’ night out

Hugo Boss BOSS The Scent For Her Eau de Parfum 50ml £59.00 Buy Now
Missguided MissGuided Babe Power Eau de Parfum 80ml £28.00 Buy Now

Floral musks

Floral musk fragrances

Soft, sensual and steeped in femininity, the floral musks are about as girly as it gets. You know when you spray a perfume and you instantly feel all dressed up? That’s a floral musk. If you’re a die-hard romantic, you’re sure to love the notes of velvety petals and soft musks, often with exotic fruits at the heart.

Jimmy Choo Blossom Special Edition EDP, 60ml, £48 This perfume is all about the glamour. Set around a lively heart of frangipani flower and exotic fruit notes, there’s a sexy anchor of sandalwood and white musk to evoke the warmth and allure of balmy summer nights.

Perfect for: weekends away

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom Sparkling Apple, 50ml, £50 Sparkling, feminine and full of fun, this is the perfume equivalent of a sequinned cocktail dress. An irresistible blend of sensual neroli and muguet with sweet apple blossom and warm musk makes this a party essential at any time of year.

Perfect for: party time

Kenzo Flower EDP, 50ml, £63 This is the kind of fragrance that makes you feel like a million bucks. There’s a simplicity to the composition of sweet parma violet, wild hawthorne and Bulgarian rose, powdery with white musk and ever so slightly woody. It’s effortlessly elegant.

Perfect for: weddings

Donna Karan DKNY Fresh Blossom Pink Sparkling Apple 50ml £50.00 Buy Now
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