1. Get SOME sleep

Your new-found freedom makes it oh so tempting to go out as late as you want and sleep in till the following afternoon, and while that’s fine occasionally, a whole week of it is going to leave you feeling rundown and exhausted. You’re also going to miss out on important things you need to do during the day, such as registering for your classes and discovering your way around the campus. Try to keep to some kind of routine or you’ll seriously mess up your sleep patterns.


2. Don’t eat only junk

Late-night burgers, ready meals, quickly grabbed portions of chips… it’s easy to forget to eat healthily when you’ve got more fun things to think about, but without enough vitamins, you’re going to look and feel bad quite quickly. Take a one-a-day multivitamin in the morning after brushing your teeth, and try at least to drink a smoothie or eat a couple of pieces of fruit a day.

3. Keep an eye on your spending

Many’s the student who’s blown half their whole term’s budget in the first week and then spent the remaining three months on prison rations of bread and water. Allocate yourself an amount that it’s OK to spend during the first few weeks – be a bit generous, as you’ll want to go out more while you’re making new friends – and stick to it.

4. Take these essentials

A few well-chosen items can make or break your first weeks at uni.

  1. Ear plugs: because everyone will keep different hours, from your party-animal flatmate to the guy opposite you in halls who gets up at 5am to run 10k.
  2. A mattress topper: your halls bed will be uncomfortable and very possibly covered in plastic. A comfy topper guarantees better sleep.
  3. An extension lead: what if you only have two plug sockets? And they’re nowhere near your bed?

5. Don’t go home!

Even if you’re feeling really homesick for your mum/boyfriend/dog, try to stick it out for a few weeks before you head home. We promise it’ll get better!