It’s safe to say that Instagram has put a whole new meaning behind makeup artistry, with everything from Disney eye makeup (yes, really) to velvet lips doing the rounds on our feeds.  

But this one really caught our eye. 18-year-old insta-famous makeup artist @lunafortun took to Instagram to debut one of the hottest looks we’ve seen in ages – the sunset eye look.

And while we’ve played around with sunset-inspired hues on our lids before, we’ve never actually tried to recreate the look and feel of a sunset on our peepers… and we’re not sure we’d be as impressive at it as Luna, either!

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Upon stumbling across Luna’s account, we also found some other INCREDIBLE looks that she’s created...

Intergalactic? Check. Neon pastels? Check. Mermaid glitter? Check. Golden goddess? CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!


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Will you be attempting any of Luna's amazing looks?