We caught up with the tanning king, St Tropez’s Jules Heptonstall, to find out his top faux glow tips…

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Which celebs always have a good tan game?

Definitely Laura Whitmore, Millie Mack, Annie Mac and Sienna Miller.

What tanning rule does everybody always break and how can it be avoided?

Prepping and watching where you’ve applied - don’t rush it. The more you put in with the prep, the more you get out. Always exfoliate your elbows, hands, knees and feet and moisturise. Spread the tan on your skin like you’re frosting a cake, spread it in lengthways motions. Two coats on the body, one coat on the face, and then at the end use what’s left on the mitt and do your hands. Always wipe your palms and nails afterwards. Practice makes perfect!

What are this year’s biggest tan trends?

Tan-touring is out! If you look at makeup, it’s now all about strobing and perfected skin, and it’s the same with tan trends: creating a beautiful even base. The trends are more about the way we apply our tan. We are extremely busy as humans now, and whenever we do have free time we spend that checking our phones, so we need all the products we use to work harder than ever. The new St Tropez In-Shower Tan is great, because if you don’t have a full half an hour spare in the week, you’re more likely to have a spare three minutes every morning while you’re getting ready. It’s a timesaving thing. The new tinted gradual tan is great for people who’re in a rush too, it’s got blurring properties so it’s like having an Instagram filter in real life. It also builds as well as adding a subtle, instant glow so if you start applying it on Monday, by Friday you’ll have one.

What’s your one tanning tip people are always surprised by?

How to stop a tanning sleeve - the worst thing you can do when it comes to applying tan is to leave the wrists. You end up with this forearm to palm divide, so after you’ve applied tan, put moisturiser on your wrists and then put a towel on the back of the door and rub your wrists together on the towel. That’ll lift the colour off and make your glow look more natural.

What’s your advice to people who’re scared of fake tan?

Don’t be scared! Remember the first time you did a blow dry or a smokey eye? It probably wasn’t perfect. It’s almost like you have to go back to basics with trial and error. It’s about finding the right products, the right routine, and the right colour for you. There’s so much out there now, so many YouTube videos and application tips; everything is so easily accessible that it’s not worth stressing about it going wrong. Ease yourself in, start with an instant or gradual tan and then move into self-tan.

How can you avoid your tan looking orange?

If your tan is orange it’s the wrong one for you and it’s probably cheap, you need to be going for golden shades. If you’ve bought a tan and it’s looking too orange, either just do one coat or mix it with moisturiser on your mitt and apply it that way to soften down the colour.

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