It’s that time of year again when sporty things whack out their rackets, footballs and even their sports cars. Yep, summer sports are here and everyone’s going crazy for ’em. The best way to get your head in the game? By matching your mani to your fave events.

Here at DARE, our inner athletes squealed with glee when nail artist Stephanie Staunton came to the office to sportify our nails. Glowy green courts, yellow polka dots and even tiny race tracks made our nails looked seriously sporty…

Tennis nails

Tenis themed nail art for wimbledon

In the Sterne family household, there’s no chance of a look-in at the remote when tennis is on the telly. Despite my protests (sometimes it eats into my Love Island catch-up time), I end up giving in and watching Wimbledon with the fam. And if I’m going to be a true tennis fan, I’d like my nails to match.

With thumbs that looked like tennis balls, index fingers that match the court and pinkies that look like rackets, I feel summer sports ready.

Top tip: To get those perfect fine lines, use a lip brush. And to make the colour really pop, paint your nails with a base of white before adding colour.

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Football nails

football nail art world cup 2018

When you can’t walk into a pub/restaurant/boyfriend’s flat without finding the footie on the screen, it can only mean one thing: the World Cup is in full swing. While I’m hardly a die-hard football fanatic nd, I’m all for laying aside my Queer Eye addiction for a month and celebrating the sport while the tournament lasts (don’t worry, Netflix, you’re still my one true love).

Cos I’ve got family all over the globe, I avoided going country specific in my nail design (passive-aggressive Insta comments from angry aunts? No thanks). Instead, I opted for my fave classic red polish topped with adorable little footballs at the base. Now there’s a look that’ll go down well, no matter who I watch the game with.

Top tip: Once the varnish is dry, add a lil topcoat to complete the look.   

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Grand Prix nails

grand prix inspired nail art design

When we had to choose which design to go for, I raced for the Grand Prix nails. I’ve always been a secret sports car fan, and I felt it was time to show my commitment to fast cars in the form of nail art. This look really takes the trophy. With black and white checks and bold reds, it totally doubles up as a great look for a girls’ night out.

Top tip: Use nail falsies. It’s so much easier to paint detailed designs when your fingertips look that lil bit longer. The Kiss 100 Nail Active in Oval nails are super-easy to use – just pop a little glue on the back of the falsie, then press onto your nail. Leave for a few seconds to dry and you’re good to go.

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