We all know the importance of keeping on top of our SPF application (if you don’t, read all about it here, especially during the summer. We’ve usually got every bit of our face and bodies covered, desperately layering on SPF every day to help fight off ageing UV rays. But do you remember to protect your lips? The truth is, most of us don’t. And here’s why it’s dangerous.

The skin on our lips is typically a lot thinner and more delicate than on any other part of our body, making it more vulnerable to sun damage. Lips have no melanin, so they’re left unshielded from harmful UV rays.

Sun exposure reduces the collagen levels in our skin, which is the protein responsible for replacing dead skin cells and maintaining skin’s strength and elasticity – and it’s the same for our lips. What does this mean? Well, let’s just say it’s not looking good for our plump, juicy pouts if we don’t protect them daily.

But that’s where COLLECTION’s five new gorgeously tinted lippies step in. The lightweight, glossy balms glide on to our lips to give a juicy kick of colour and protect them with a built-in SPF15. Genius.


Collection’s ambassador and celebrity makeup artist Francesca Neill (one of the Rochelle Humes and Alesha Dixon glam squad) gave us the goss on the new range.

‘People often forget about protecting their lips from the sun. But they’re affected by UV rays, so it’s important to apply an SPF when you’re out in the sun, to prevent dryness and dehydration,’ she says. ‘These new Collection lip colours are great for those who forget to apply SPF to their lips, as you’re getting an on-trend lip colour and sun protection for your lips in one product. Keep them in your handbag this summer to top up your lip colour and SPF at the same time.’

From the deep plum to the bright coral, we’re obsessed with every shade. But the best news? You can grab all five of them for less than £20.