We love a holiday. Immersing your fresh face in the sea, strutting around in your bikini and wearing your fave flip-flops at any given opportunity… yep, a trip abroad is what we look forward to all winter. But looking your best on the lounger takes preparation, which includes waxing, tinting and manicures. And last-minute holiday bookings (we love a good deal) mean you might only have two weeks to arrange your (many) appointments, which can be pricy. So here’s how to get summer holiday ready with enough time to watch a cheeky episode of Love Island – and without breaking the beauty bank!

lady on a sunny beach waving her hands up in joy

The wax

Need to de-frazzle your frizzy bits? If you like to do your brows, legs or downstairs the waxing way, have a lil lookie at the treatments available at Superdrug stores and pop in on ya lunch break.

But sometimes we just can’t be that organised, so time to try out Superdrug Sensitive Wax Strips. They’re ready to use straight from the pack and come with super-moisturising finishing wipes. You’ll be hydrated and ready for tomorrow’s 5am flight.

The mani/pedi

Need a nail polish with a gel-like finish? Orly nail varnishes seem to last forever and are so darn shiny. Prefer getting your hands done at the salon to doing it yourself at your desk? Pop into a Superdrug nail bar and get gelled up. You can even get a cheeky express fill and polish while you’re doing a last-minute beauty haul.

Nails nailed (ha!), it’s time to work on those tootsies, so they look (and feel) their best while you parade around in your new sandals. Massage Superdrug Honey and Almond Nourishing Foot Socks into your feet, pop on some old socks and leave overnight. You’ll wake up with soft feet that you’ll want to show off. Add a dash of sparkly nail polish for those summertime feels.

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The lashes and brows

Long, hot days (and nights), dips in the pool and one too many margaritas mean your mascara’s gonna smudge. And let’s not even get started on ya brows. The solution? You can book a consultation with Superdrug and get lash extensions, and a lash and brow tint.

Are the next two weeks jam-packed with pre-holiday planning? Get your hands on GOSH Eyelash Growth Serum and apply it every night for the two weeks before your holiday. The even better news? You can put the stuff on your brows, too, if you’re a self-confessed over-plucker.

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The faux glow

Don’t wanna wait until the holiday sun kicks in to make you look bronzed and buff? Your white bikini will really stand out against a natural(ish) glow. Looking for something that defies the laws of water but still looks très naturelle? Try applying Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk evenly all over your body and watch your tan build up. Our tip? Start applying two or three days before your hols to get glowing, and keep applying every day while you’re away. When you get back, your office mates will be impressed AF with your sunkissed skin.

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There you have it – your holiday prep planned and sorted.