Don’t succumb to hair boredom (we’ve all been there!), instead take on summer in style with a new hairstyle by one of our fave vloggers Zoe Newlove.

Whether you’re heading off to a festival, going to a wedding, or just a casual barbecue, you won’t need to worry about your mane game with this braided look at hand! So, follow these steps to get a new 'do that's perfect for any occasion - and totally far from boring.

How to: Waves with hidden braids tutorial by Zoe Newlove

What will I need to create waves with hidden braids?

  • T&G Volume Plumping Mousse
  • VO5 Sea Salt Spray
  • TRESemmé Freeze Hold Hairspray

Step-by-step: Achieving waves with hidden braids

Step 1:  Prep your hair with mousse and blow dry

Scrunch a tennis ball-sized amount of the VO5 Volume Mousse through damp hair, before blow drying. This body-boosting styling product will give your hair volume and texture, creating the perfect base for waves.

Step 2: Create your hidden braids

Once your mane is dry, you’ll need to create your cute hidden braids. So, simply take one inch section of hair from the under layers of your hair and create a standard three-strand plait. Secure it with an invisible hairband.

Repeat this braiding action on other parts of your hair. Remember to spread out your braids for a boho-perfect look.

Step 3:  Apply some sea salt spray, primer and curl

Before you curl your mane, give your hair a quick spritz of a texturising spray, like the VO5 Sea Salt Spray. This multi-tasker will help enhance your hair’s movement, define layers and prevent your hair from falling flat.

To protect your hair from heat, generously mist the VO5 Express Primer Spray all over your hair. Now, take random sections of hair and wrap around a curling wand. The trick is to keep curling your hair in alternating directions, as this will leave you with a beachy, tousled look. Keep on curling until you’ve done your entire head.

Step 4: Set the look

To finish, give your ‘do a once over with TRESemmé Freeze Hold Hairspray to help keep it in place.

Looking beautiful!

See? You did it! Say goodbye to hair boredom and hello to your #summerreadyhair.