As much as we adore the sun, it’s the devil in disguise for our hair. Dried-out ends, humidity-hit frizz and chlorine chaos are just a few of the problems we face during the summer, so here are some top hacks for your hair, to give you a bit of lifesaving support during the heatwaves.

Hack 1: lock in moisture

Conditioner is great for nourishing dry hair, but did you know that hot weather can help lock in the moisture from conditioner? Try applying conditioner to the ends of your hair and relaxing in the sun for five minutes.         

Hack 2: prevent frizz                          

Towels can take too much moisture out of our hair, leaving us with a feisty mane of frizz. Dry your hair using an old T-shirt instead. The smooth cotton will remove excess water and reduce the amount of frizz.

Hack 3: protect against chlorine

To avoid chlorine damage, wet your hair with bottled water before diving in the pool. Hair that’s saturated with water won’t absorb so much chlorine. If it’s too late and your hair is already beginning to develop a green tinge, mix baking soda and water into a paste and massage it into your scalp until the green rinses out.

Hack 4: touch up roots in a spritz

If you don’t have the time to get your roots touched up before going away, use a root spray for a temporary fix.