From rose-gold locks to glow-in-the-dark hair, we thought we’d seen all the crazy hair trends on Instagram. But crazy colours, step aside – it’s time to make way for a new style that’s totally inspired by… erm, plants.

No, you didn’t read that wrong. The new layered dye trend that incorporates all of the colours of succulent plants has taken social media by storm, with over 250 of us taking to Instagram over the past few months to show off our freshly dyed barnets … and we’re actually really feeling it!

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Before you decide to give it a go yourself, in the hope of achieving perfectly crafted plant-hued hair, it’s best to remember that when applying so many different colours to your hair at once, there’s massive room for error – so it may be best to make an appointment with a professional for this one.

Or just adorn your up-do with actual pieces of succulent plants instead. Apparently, that’s a thing, too…